Wrap-around Packers Market Size, Trends And Worldwide Outlook To 2028

Wrap-around Packers Market Size, Trends And Worldwide Outlook To 2028

Global Wrap-around Packers Market: An Overview

Wrap-around packers are designed to function as efficient secondary packaging for shipment and transportation purposes. The packaging process in wrap-around packers involves three primary operations – erection, pick and place, and sealing. Standalone wrap-around packers fold die-cut corrugated sheets around products, pick and place the products, wrap them tightly and finally, seal them. Wrap-around packers can perform all these operations smoothly at a high speed and allow quick change over different dimension. Thus, wrap-around packers are replacing traditionally-used single units of case erectors, pick and packers and sealers. Wrap-around Packers are suitable for use in case and tray packaging applications. The products packaged through wrap-around packers have additional strength. Furthermore, they are highly suitable for palletization operations.

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Global Wrap-around Packers Market: Dynamics

Globally, the demand for wrap-around packers is increasing, which can be attributed to the rising requirement of high-performance and cost-effective secondary packaging machines from end use industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive and others. These machines require a relatively less amount of cardboard for the packaging process and do not require loading assemblies. Thus, wrap-around packers aid in reducing the overall packaging cost of the product. Furthermore, wrap-around packers are compatible for packaging regular and irregular shaped products. Top load packers are only suitable for irregularly shaped products and in contrast, side load packers are appropriate for the packaging of regular shaped products. Therefore, this feature of wrap-around packers is increasing their preference over other secondary case and tray packaging machines, thereby leveraging the growth of the wrap around packers market.

Regional Dynamics: Wrap-around Packers Market

Europe and North America have been witnessing high consumption of automatic and robotic wrap-around packers Key manufacturers of wrap-around packers in North America are majorly focusing on enhancing the performance of machines, either by upgrading the servo technique or by replacing traditional erectors with robotic case erectors. In Asia Pacific, the wrap-around packers market is expected to witness high growth during the next decade. This increase in the demand can be attributed to the increase in the local consumption of secondary packaging machines. The region is a large consumer of foods and beverages such as ready-to-eat meals, cold drinks, carbonated drinks and water bottles and the secondary packaging of these products requires high speed, cost-effective and durable machines. The MEA region is expected to create significant growth opportunities for the wrap –around packers for the forecast period. Wrap-around packers are efficient, have high speed and also aid in reducing the packaging cost of products and thus, they are highly preferred by manufacturers.

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Global Wrap-around Packers Market: Segmentation

Globally, the wrap-around packers market has been segmented on the basis of product type, machine type, packaging speed and end use industry.

On the basis of product type, the wrap-around packers market has been segmented into,

  • Case Wrap-around Packers
  • Tray Wrap-around Packers

On the basis of machine type, the wrap-around packers market has been segmented into,

  • Robotic Wrap-around Packers
  • Automatic Wrap-around Packers
  • Semiautomatic Wrap-around Packers

On the basis of packaging speed, the wrap-around packers market has been segmented into:

  • Below 10 cases per minute
  • 10-40 cases per minute
  • 40-70 cases per minute
  • Above 70 cases per minute

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On the basis of end use, the wrap-around packers market has been segmented into,

  • Food industry
    • Ready to eat meals
    • Dairy products
    • Meat fish and poultry
    • Bakery and confectionary
  • Beverage industry
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • Non-Alcoholic drinks
      • Carbonated drinks
      • Non-Carbonated drinks
      • Water bottles
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Consumers good
  • Cosmetics and personal care
  • Others

Global Wrap-around Packers Market: Market Participants

Some of the global players in the wrap-around packers market include I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche SpA, Massman Automation Designs, LLC, Polypack Gmbh, Smurfit Kappa Group, Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH, Hartness International Inc., SMI S.p.A., Recopak Machinery Pty. Ltd and other wrap-around packers manufacturers.

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