Metal Packaging Coatings Market: Structure and Overview of Key Market Forces Propelling Market

Metal Packaging Coatings Market: Structure and Overview of Key Market Forces Propelling Market

Packaging Industry Shifting Away from BPA to Metal will Bolster Applications of Metal Packaging Coatings

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical, which is a structural component in a variety of plastic packaging materials, such as polycarbonate bottles. However, with awareness about the migration of BPA from food-contact materials in food products and its impact on human health, various governments have imposed regulations to limit the use of BPA in food packaging. For example, the Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/213 was recently published by the European Commission to restrict the use of BPA in plastic food contact materials.

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Such regulations on the use of plastic packaging materials containing harmful chemicals, such as BPA, are resulting in most packaging industry players transitioning towards using metal packaging materials. In addition, the heightened interest of consumers in safer food contact materials is boosting applications of metal packaging coatings in most packaging solutions.

Thereby, metal packaging coating market players are capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for metal packaging solutions in several industrial verticals. Manufacturers in the metal packaging coatings market are also focused on limiting the use of epoxy resins, which also contain a significant amount of BPA, to offer safer and high-quality metal packaging coatings in coming future.

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Adoption of High-performance Resins to Boost Quality of Metal Packaging Coatings – A Key Trend

On account of the positive prospects of the metal packaging coatings market, leading manufacturers are aiming to discover novel materials and resins to introduce more innovative products to boost profitable sales. Chemical resistance, better sterilization, superior performance, and barrier properties are among the important characteristics of metal packaging coatings that leading manufacturers are aiming to deliver.

In order to introduce more innovative and superior quality of metal packaging coatings, manufacturers are focusing their efforts on enhancing various resin properties, such as solubility, toughness, corrosion protection, flexibility, and compatibility with other materials. With the ever-growing competition in the metal packaging coatings market, leading players are likely to invest heavily in R&D for the development of high-performance resins in order to further boost the quality of metal packaging coatings.

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Negative Impacts of Epoxy Resins in Metal Packaging Coatings on the Health will Limit its Applications

Epoxy resins find numerous industrial applications, including metal packaging coatings, and these epoxy resin coatings are commonly used in packaging materials for food and beverage products. However, consumers are becoming aware of the toxicity of epoxy resins when they come in contact with food, as it consists of the harmful chemical – BPA.

Furthermore, as epoxy resins are solvent-based resins, excessive exposure to epoxy resins in metal packaging coatings can pose serious risks to human health. Metal packaging coatings manufactured using epoxy resins fail to protect the packaging material, especially steel, from reverse impacts. Thereby, epoxy resins exhibit relatively lower efficiency if compared to other types of resins used in metal packaging coatings, which may result in a slump in demand for epoxy resins-metal packaging coatings in the upcoming years.

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