Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Foraying into Emerging Economies 2018-2028

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Foraying into Emerging Economies 2018-2028

Fact.MR recently published a market study on the global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market. The study provides detailed assessment on the key market dynamics, including drivers, trends, opportunities, restraints, and detailed information about the Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market structure. It also presents exclusive information about how the Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market will grow during the forecast period of 2018-2028.

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Insights

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) is a type of non-ionic and waxy surfactant that is known for providing emollient effect to the end-products. Additionally, the Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) is also popular for its emulsifying, thickening, and wetting properties. Besides these properties, consumers of Cocomonoethanolamide prefer it extensively for boosting and stabilization of foam in detergent and other formulations. Besides foam stabilization, Cocomonoethanolamide is also used in shampoos, liquid soaps and shaving creams for controlling viscosity. These wide range of properties offered by Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) has helped Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) serve various applications that include cosmetic, personal care, toiletries, and industrial cleaners among others. All these segments are poised to expand in terms of production owing to the development of their industries across the geographies. Hence, a healthy growth of the global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market is projected in the future.

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Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Dynamics

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Drivers

One of the factor that is expected to drive the growth of Cocomonoethanolamide market is the increase in demand for Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) from personal care industry that consumes a significant share of the global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market. Increasing disposable income along with the increasing awareness towards personal care has resulted in a drastic hike in the demand for personal care products that include foaming products such as shampoos and soaps. Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) is extensively used in their production as a surfactant and hence the consequent effect is observed as an increase in demand for Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) from the personal care industrialists.

Furthermore, the sales of Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market from the industrial cleaners segment by application has also increased to a significant amount. This is also one of the key factors that are driving the growth of global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market.

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Restraints

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) are mostly derived from the fatty acids of vegetable oil such as coconut oil or palm oil. Therefore any climate change and natural calamities such as drought might hamper the cultivation of crops that are primarily used as raw materials for the production of Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA). As a result, this factor becomes a potential restraining factor against the growth of global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market.

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Trends

The global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market is highly fragmented. The manufacturers of Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) are mostly located in high growth regions such as China and India which offer economical production and help them generate a significant amount of revenues from exporting to overseas countries regions such as North America.

Amongst the different application segments of global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market, personal care application is expected to hold prominent share of the market. Furthermore, the sub-segment shampoos is expected to be one of the dominant consuming application of global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market.

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Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market that are involved in the manufacturing, supply or distribution of Cocomonoethanolamide are:

  • World Chem Industries
  • Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
  • World Chem Industries
  • Central Drug House
  • Shreeji Pharma International
  • Snow Chemicals Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Khurana Oleo Chemicals
  • Aarti Industries Limited
  • HanCole
  • Vance Group Ltd
  • Quadra Chemicals
  • Anshika Polysurf Limited

Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) Market Regional Outlook

The availability of raw material that is coconut oil for the production of Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) is high in Asia Pacific region. Therefore Asian regions that are East Asia and South Asia hold prominent shares of global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) production. In terms of consumption of, North America emerges out as a prominent region in the global Cocomonoethanolamide (CMEA) market. However, Middle East and Africa and Latin America region markets are expected to grow but by comparatively lower growth rate in coming years.

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