Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2018-2028

The GDPR assessment tools market is envisaged to record a spectacular 35.6% CAGR between the forecast period 2018 and 2028, according to a recent Fact.MR study. Albeit rising anxiousness across the IT and relevant business sectors is considered as a key concern, GDPR assessment tools market will be substantially underpinned by high penalties imposed on organizations that do not comply with GDPR.

Exorbitant Emphasis on Data Protection Advocating Essentiality of GDPR Assessment Tools

Proliferation of the internet across the globe has meant that concerns apropos of personal data, its protection and privacy have become exorbitant. Recent privacy issue crisis, such as that of Facebook, has led consumers to rethink on sharing their personal information with online portals. GDPR assessment tools are therefore gaining tremendous momentum in Europe, facilitating regulation of data privacy and protection.

Growth of the GDPR assessment tools market will continue to be significantly driven by requirement of German businesses to gain intelligence on their customer data’s location, which is an imperative need when customers demand deletion of their data. Organizations are continuously seeking GDPR assessment tools providers, as understanding data controllers & processors currently fall among their top priorities as well as is a key prerequisite of GDPR.

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GDPR Assessment Tools Market: Expeditious Requirement of GDPR Assessment Tools among Non-compliant Organizations Creating Lucrative Avenues

Nearly half of the organizations in Europe are not yet compliant to GDPR, although they have been preparing for the same since 2016 – when the law was approved. These organizations are therefore rapidly seeking GDPR assessment tools on account of the complexity and extensive steps involved in the compliance process. With absolute data control being sought-after among the GDPR non-compliant organizations, for maintaining their market reputation and preventing the associated penalties, growth of the GDPR assessment tools market will witness significant momentum in the forthcoming years.

Amid swelling expansion of modern businesses, there has been a dramatic evolution in the IT industry, which in turn has made data distribution rigorous and data mapping challenging. GDPR assessment tools are likely to witness robust adoption among these businesses, as they lack intelligence on data storage location, and data transmission, and therefore are vulnerable to threats of data breach. The need for identifying dishonest business processes, which result in contractual risk with suppliers of unsanctioned IT, will further continue to fuel growth of the GDPR assessment tools market in Europe.

GDPR Assessment Tools Market: Adoption in Social Media & Digital Marketing and Penetration of Cloud-based Tools to Emerge as Key Trends

Complexity of the GDPR has intensified the cloud technology service platforms, leading the cloud-reliant businesses to comply with GDPR for ensuring their data practices. Lower percentile of identification of GDPR’s impact on the cloud-based services among IT organizations is a major focus area for GDPR assessment tools providers. As personal data sharing is a default procedure for cloud-service providers assisting organizations, their services are required to be unique to comply with GDPR. GDPR assessment tools providers are therefore introduced cloud-based tools to tap the potential opportunities in the area, thereby supporting growth of the GDPR assessment tools market.

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High penalties associated with non-compliance of GDPR, organizations and businesses are seeking GDPR assessment tools to facilitate the compliance process and maintain their reputation and brand management. Digital and social media marketing platforms have been witnessing automation in recent years, which in turn has created the need for declaration of data management activities with consent. This has further driven demand for GDPR assessment tools in social media and digital marketing, wherein data management in the marketing processes is bound to adhere to GDPR. This, coupled with rapid rise of the digital and social media marketing, will substantially fuel growth of the GDPR assessment tools market in the near future.

Table of Contents Covered in the report are:

Chapter 1 Executive Summary
1.1 Opportunity Assessment in GDPR Assessment Tools Market
1.2 Mega Trends in GDPR Assessment Tools Market
1.3 Wheel of FortuneTM
1.4 Data Security Architecture for GDPR Compliance

Chapter 2 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market: Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Market Taxonomy
2.3 Definition
2.4 Market Dynamics
2.4.1 Drivers
2.4.2 Restraints
2.4.3 Trends
2.4.4 Opportunities
2.5 GDPR Ecosystem
2.6 A Glimpse of Recent Data Breaches in Europe before GDPR
2.7 Sectors Where Impact Will be high
2.8 GDPR Roadmap for the Organizations
2.9 List of Essential GDPR Assessment Tools
2.9.1 Vendors Analysis
2.10 Value Chain Analysis
2.11 Porter’s Five Force Analysis
2.12 PESTL Analysis

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Chapter 3 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Analysis
3.1 Europe ICT Market Outlook
3.2 Europe Market Outlook
3.3 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Outlook
3.3.1 Market Value (US$ Mn) Forecast and Analysis, 2016-2028
3.3.2 Germany
3.3.3 U.K.
3.3.4 France
3.3.5 Spain
3.3.6 Nordic
3.3.8 Italy
3.3.9 Rest of Europe
3.3.10 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Country, 2017-2028
3.3.11 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Country
3.4 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Analysis by Deployment Type
3.4.1 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast by Deployment Type
3.4.2 On-premise
3.4.3 Cloud-based
3.4.4 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Deployment Type
3.4.5 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Deployment Type
3.5 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Analysis by Service Type
3.5.1 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast by Service Type
3.5.2 Consulting
3.5.3 Training
3.5.4 Implementation & Integration
3.5.5 Support & Maintenance
3.5.6 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Service Type
3.5.7 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Service Type
3.6 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Analysis by Enterprise Size
3.6.1 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast by Enterprise Size
3.6.2 Large Enterprises
3.6.3 Small & Medium Enterprises
3.6.4 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Enterprise Size
3.6.5 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Enterprise Size
3.7 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Analysis by End-use Industry
3.7.1 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast by End-use Industry
3.7.2 BFSI
3.7.3 Healthcare
3.7.4 Consumer & Retail
3.7.5 Discrete & Process Manufacturing
3.7.6 IT & BPO
3.7.7 Telecom, Media & Entertainment
3.7.8 Government
3.7.9 Aerospace & Defense
3.7.10 Travel, Transport & Logistics
3.7.11 Others
3.7.12 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by End-use Industry
3.7.13 Market Attractiveness Analysis by End-use Industry
3.8 Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market Analysis by Tool Type
3.8.1 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast Analysis by Tool Type
3.8.2 Privacy Impact Assessment Tool
3.8.3 Data Inventory & Mapping Automation Tool
3.8.4 Readiness & Accountability Tool
3.8.5 Incident  & Breach Management Tool
3.8.6 Subject Access Rights Portal Tool
3.8.7 Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance Tool
3.8.8 Vendor Risk Assessment Tool
3.8.9 Consent Management Tool
3.8.10 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Tool Type
3.8.11 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Tool Type

Chapter 4 Competitive Assessment
4.1 Global GDPR Assessment Tools Market- A Dashboard View
4.2 Global GDPR Assessment Tools Market Structure
4.3 Global GDPR Assessment Tools Market Company Share Analysis
4.4 Market Share for Tier 1 Players, 2017
4.5 Company Share Analysis- By Service Type
4.6 Company Market Share Analysis of Top 10 Players, By Deployment Type

Chapter 5 Company Profiles
5.1 Microsoft Corporation
5.1.1 Company Overview
5.1.2 Service Type Share (%) of Target Market – Company Benchmark
5.1.3 Company Revenue Share, By Deployment Type
5.1.4 Company Revenue Share, By Tool Type

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