Audacy partners with Finland’s ICEYE for Real-Time Satellite Communication Network

Audacy partners with Finland’s ICEYE for Real-Time Satellite Communication Network

Space communications service provider, Audacy has signed a memorandum of understanding with earth observation company ICEYE for working together to explore the possibility of using Audacy’s inter-satellite data relay network for continuous satellite communications for SAR satellite constellation of ICEYE. ICEYE has created the largest satellite constellation Sythetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) in the world and Audacy specializes in real time space connectivity.


By Audacy’s technology ICEYE will be able to image a location minutes before it passes over its location of interest at all times and all places on earth. This capability is unique in the industry which requires satellite imaging companies to wait for the passing over of satellites on ground stations for sending or receiving data and commands. The store-and-forward limitation hampers immediate response to urgent imaging needs and creates unnecessary delays in operations.


CEO of Audacy, Dr. Ralph Ewig said that they are building a new backbone for emerging space communication economy and their network is well placed for serving a wide variety of customers which includes the geospatial intelligence community. He added that real time connectivity will enhance the capacities of earth observation services and will help in seeding product development for the earliest customers of the company.


Audacy is planning to rollout the first inter-satellite commercial data relay network in 2021. The network of orbit relay satellites around earth of Audacy is aimed at delivering real time connectivity to government and commercial users anywhere at a lunar distance or a Launchpad.


CEO and cofounder of ICEYE, Rafal Modrzewski said that it is launching a radar imaging satellite for providing reliable and timely imaging to commercial industries and governments. He added that the communications network of Audacy complements the company’s own approach and helps the company to add value to market. They will be able to provide radar satellite imaging to customers at unprecedented timeline in the range of few minutes.


ICEYE is a Finnish microsatellite manufacturer with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It started in 2014 as Spin-off Company of Radio technology of Aalto University. Audacy was founded by SpaceX veterans, NASA award winners and a team of Stanford graduates in 2015. The company which started with humble beginning as a student project has now secured investment from investors across United States, Asia, Europe and South America. The company won the prestigious Stanford BASES startup challenge and received a grand prize of $150k.

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