Ottilia Hotel becomes World’s First Self-Cleaning Hotel by adopting ACT CleanCoat Technology

Ottilia Hotel becomes World’s First Self-Cleaning Hotel by adopting ACT CleanCoat Technology

A newly opened hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark Hotel Ottilia has become the world’s first self-cleaning hotel in which rooms fully disinfect themselves without any help from the housekeeping.

The hotel has entered into partnership deal with ACT.Global, another Danish tech company for using its proprietary technology ACT CleanCoat, which is odorless and transparent and only activates by exposure to sunlight. The chief ingredient of the new technology is titanium dioxide which is often found in sunscreen. National Research Centre for the Working Environment of Denmark among other research organizations have successfully tested the new technology.

The antibacterial spray has proved to break down microorganisms like allergens, mold spores, salmonella and influenza. If the spray which covers like an invisible insulation in a room, it has proven to remove contaminants like cigarette smoke and other odors. It can freshen the air for as long as a year.

Ottilia’s parent company, Brockner Hotels’ CEO Karim Nielsen said that they have been testing the technology for last two years, and first trialed it at the company’s Hotel Herman K.  He compared the invisible coating technology to Teflon. Hotel Ottilia and Hotel Herman K have become the first hotels in the world to use the pioneering self-cleaning technology.

Nielsen said that the technology makes life so much easier for the hotel staff. Now housekeepers don’t have to expose themselves to fumes of chemical detergents and apply them every time.  CleanCoat takes care of disinfection and housekeepers now only have to wipe surfaces, dry-clean linens and vacuum-clean the room. It also benefits the guests as the rooms get cleaned faster without the use of chemicals which may cause allergic reactions.

The technology costs the hotel a significant sum of money, nearly $2500 per room to clean with CleanCoat. With the arrival of the technology in hotel rooms, the load on labor has been reduced by 50% and also contributed to a reduction in water consumption. The cost benefit analysis is strongly in favor of the technology as the hotel has managed to reduce maintenance cost. Nielsen adds that since they don’t use chemicals for cleaning anymore, there is no chance of spilling or bleaching the expensive carpets.

There is one issue with the CleanCoat technology: Scalability, as the entire hotel has to be emptied of furniture for spraying with CleanCoat. The spray has to be applied every year making it necessary for hotel’s near renovation each year. Nielsen points out that they have the happiest staff now.

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