At Least six dead and 16 Injured in Denmark Train accident

At Least six dead and 16 Injured in Denmark Train accident

Six people have been killed and 16 others injured in a train crash in a severe storm in Nyborg, Denmark, on Wednesday, according to Danish police and the Danish State Railways ( DSB). The local newspaper Jyllands-Posten , citing DSB sources, explains that the accident occurred when part of the roof of a freight train has been fired and the pieces and part of the merchandise has reached a light passenger train that circulated by the same route in the opposite direction on the bridge of the Strait of the Great Belt, in the center of the country.

The accident, which occurred at 7.30 local time (6.30 GMT, one hour more in mainland Spain), has caused the closure of road and rail traffic in both directions of the bridge of the Great Belt (Great Belt), which links the islands of Selandia where the capital, Copenhagen – and Funen are located. They are the first and second largest islands of the country, respectively.

This bridge is one of the main communication routes of the country. The place of the accident continues early in the afternoon cordoned off and the passage of trains over the bridge will remain suspended until tomorrow. The authorities have already opened the bridge in both directions to road traffic, albeit at a reduced speed.

The same local newspaper points to the strong wind prevailing in the area as a possible cause of the disaster. In fact, the strong gusts had previously forced the closure of the infrastructure, 18 kilometers long, but this morning it had reopened. “We still do not know exactly what is the cause, but we can confirm that merchandise fell from the train on the track and that the other train went over them and has suffered considerable damage for that reason,” said the chief inspector of the police of Funen.

he chief of the Funeral Police, Arne Gram, has also ruled out by now offering a concrete hypothesis about the accident. “The investigation should clarify what has really happened,” he said at a press conference, in which he stressed that the priority has been to serve those affected.

By train, which was on its way to Copenhagen, it had 131 passengers and three employees on board. Initially, it had been reported that there were 160 passengers. The six deceased are travelers, says DSB, which adds that there are 16 injured and that the workers have been unharmed. All the wounded have been transferred to the hospital in Odense, the third city of the country, although the life of none of them is in danger, explained a police spokesman at a press conference.

The others affected have been evacuated and taken to the Nyborg sports center, where there are psychologists to assist them. The Danish brewer Carlsberg has confirmed that the freight train transported returnable containers to the plant that the company has in Fredericia, in the west of the country.

It is the largest railway accident in three decades in Denmark since eight people died in 1988 and 72 were injured when a train went off the track in Sorø, in the east. “The tragic accident on the bridge of the Great Belt with many dead and wounded has shaken us all, ordinary Danes on the way to work or back home after the Christmas holidays have seen their lives broken into pieces. Twitter prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

The storm Alfrida has caused in the last hours alterations in the railway traffic by the fall of trees on the roads, as well as an increase in the water level in several parts of the country, which has led the authorities to issue a warning by time “very dangerous”.

The bridge of the Sund Strait, which connects Copenhagen with Malmoe in Sweden, has also remained closed to traffic for several hours, while more than 100,000 Swedish homes lacked light today because of the storm.

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