Uber Self-Driving Cars are Back to Pittsburgh Streets Again

Uber Self-Driving Cars are Back to Pittsburgh Streets Again

The death of Elaine Herzberg (49) shocked the US and let the population doubt the self-driving cars that tested Uber then. After the test operation has been temporarily suspended, the robot Uber now on the road again.

The robotic cars of the transport service operator Uber are back on the road nine months after a fatal accident. On Thursday, the autonomous test drives were resumed in the city of Pittsburgh, as Uber confirmed.

Previously, the Department of Transportation of the US state of Pennsylvania had approved this. In San Francisco and Toronto, Toronto, the cars are initially man-driven. Uber points out that safety has improved since the accident.

The robot car tests were discontinued after one of the vehicles had killed the pedestrian Elaine Herzberg († 49) in Arizona in March. Apparently, she thought the software was a plastic bag. It was the first and so far only fatal accident with a self-driving car.

According to a preliminary report from the NTSB accident investigation agency, the Uber software had problems identifying the woman pushing a bike next to her – even though the vehicle’s many sensors had registered her. The car did not break. The Volvo built-in emergency brake assistant was disabled.

On video footage from the vehicle was to see that the security driver at the wheel before the collision had not looked at the road. The “The Information” website also reported that a few days before the accident, one of the developers had warned the management of the robot car program about the risks.

One of the changes made by Uber is that there are two more people in the car every test drive. It is better monitored whether a security driver is tired or distracted. People should not spend more than four hours a day behind the wheel – earlier it could be eight hours. And the emergency brake assistant remains switched on now. (SDA / HI)

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