Almost 300 Arrested During World Cup Celebration in France

Almost 300 Arrested During World Cup Celebration in France

Seconds after France won its second World Cup yesterday after defeating Croatia in Moscow, millions of Frenchmen took to the streets to celebrate the triumph of their national team, which marked the start of an evening of intense work for the 63,500 police, 46,500 gendarmes, 44,000 firemen deployed to avoid incidents.

The celebration of the World Cup has been settled for the moment with a dead person, several wounded, clashes between celebrants and law enforcement and even the looting of a shopping center in Paris. A total of 292 people have been arrested in several cities in France during the incidents, as reported by the Interior Ministry on Monday.

Millions of French fans have gone to the streets of Paris this Sunday to celebrate the victory, concentrating mostly on the iconic avenue in the French capital, the Champs Elysees. Despite the fact that the celebrations have gone by without incident for most of the afternoon, a small group of people has confronted the police, causing material damage to several establishments and homes near the Champs Elysees.

Thus, one of the shops on the aforementioned avenue, the Drugstore Publicis, suffered enormous damage after some thirty hooded individuals entered with bottles of alcohol and broke much of the facilities, as witnessed by numerous photographs on social networks.

According to the BFMTV channel, riot police stopped the group about 15 minutes after the incident using tear gas and proceeded to evacuate that area of the avenue, near the Arc de Triomf. In parallel, several videos on Twitter showed hooded people breaking windows in stores and shop windows, until the arrival of the forces of order.

In Annecy (southeast), a 50-year-old man lost his life after jumping into a canal, regional daily Le Dauphine Libere reported, saying the victim died after being seriously injured in the neck. In Nancy (north), another man was injured after falling from a truck on which he celebrated the victory of his team.

In addition, confrontations with the police occurred in other parts of the country such as Beauvais (north) and Lyon (east), where authorities also had to disperse the public after some tried to ride in their vehicles.

The authorities mobilized 63,500 policemen and 46,500 gendarmes, 44,000 firefighters, 143 riot police and other special intervention bodies this weekend. The Prefecture of Police has announced that the measures will be reinforced this Monday when the celebrations will continue after the arrival of the Bleus.

The incidents have resulted in 292 detainees and 45 officers injured. In Paris, 102 people were arrested, of whom 90 were placed in pretrial detention for interrogation, the Paris Prefecture said. “Taking into account the present crowd and despite unacceptable incidents, it is a moderate balance,” declared the prefect of Paris, Michel Delpuech, at a press conference.

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